Yup. Yes. Sure. We’re magic like that.

Are we going to tell you with 98.42194276% certainty that you’ll get a hangnail in 2037? No, we won’t. In fact, we’re never going to you that you’ll get a hangnail.

Will you get a hammertoe? Maybe. We’ll let you know if we think that’s going to happen. We can’t guarantee that it will, we can’t be certain of when. What we can tell you is why we think you’re inclined to develop it, how you can prevent it, and what to do if you get it.

Also, you might want to know what it actually is. We’ll give you the definition. (Hammertoe is a deformity or rotation of one or your toes, almost always impacting women, that progresses over time and can require surgery.)

What’s key is that we look at the things that will happen in the coming 5, maybe 10 years. These are the short term issues that probably won’t put you in the hospital, but may result in an in-office procedure or surgery. Hernias. Gallbladder issues. Knee problems.

We also tell you about changes in your health that are a function of simply getting older. Many of these issues can be better managed if we know they’re coming. We’d rather you know now and try to do something about it rather than wait until it’s too late!

One final note: You change every year, and so will your health future. You take on a stressful job, you lose 15 pounds, you have a baby. Some things won’t change – you can’t do anything about the impact of family history, for example. But we expect you’ll see some interesting trends as the years go by and as you engage in behaviors that can positively impact your health.

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