We’re not a health care company. We’re a health data company.

We’re not a health care company. We know a lot about health care, and we want to make sure that you do, too. Many of our blogs will be about the American health care system. But we want to make sure you know where we’re coming from so you can get the most out of KnowThyself.

“Health care” might make you think of health insurance, doctors, hospitals, drugs, getting sick and not being able to afford your care, outcome disparities and how unfair, opaque, confusing and expensive it all is. We agree. And that’s exactly why we’re not a health care company.

We are a health data company. Our sole purpose is to empower you with information that puts you in control of your health care experience. How? By recognizing that the single greatest factor that impacts your health is your behavior, and very little of that data is in your medical record. That means that doctors, hospitals and insurers are using an incomplete data set when they’re evaluating your health.

Well, plenty of folks recognize how important this information is and they’re using every means possible to get it – trolling social media, using actuarial charts to make projections, buying data sets.

We want to keep it simple. We’re just going to ask you.

You’re the one who inputs data about yourself, your family and your medical history into KnowThyself. Together, we’re creating a members-only, native data set. We use our proprietary algorithms to tell you about your health future. We give you suggestions about how to improve it and show you different ways you can treat the issues we’ve identified for you.

We want you to get to know you! We invite you to join our completely private, super secure, totally virtual, alternate health care reality.

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