We’re happy to inform you that we have no interest whatsoever in being your portable electronic medical record.

When you complete our assessment, you’ll see that we ask you a lot of stuff that your doctor asks. Our assessment covers things like family history, the medications you’re on, your height and weight. We ask you a whole lot more, but there are enough similarities that may make you wonder…is KnowThyself like an electronic medical record (EMR)?

The answer to that question is an emphatic “No.”

The most important distinction between us and your EMR is that the EMR is a thick record of your past. An EMR is a documentation of all the medical interactions that have occurred between you and a certain provider (doctor, hospital). It’s a historical record.

We are an estimation of your medical future. KnowThyself uses a lot of the same current and historical information in your EMR, but we combine it with other real-life factors and research to predict things that may happen to you.

The other big difference is that EMRs are, in practical reality, billing systems. It’s depressing, but true. The reason your doctor has to spend so much time entering data into a computer during your medical visit is because s/he has to “check the boxes” to make sure they’ve asked you the right things or done the right tests to make sure they get paid.

Insurers will only pay for this procedure over here if that test over there came back negative. You can only see this doctor over here if that doctor over there said it was ok.

Believe us, you don’t want to be carrying all that excess data around.

KnowThyself is designed for you, the patient consumer, not your doctor’s billing department. We capture the information that helps us tell you about your health future. We make that data accessible to you, and your doctor should you so choose, whenever and wherever you want it.

We want you to get to know you. We invite you to join our completely private, super secure, totally virtual, alternate health care reality.

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