Navigate: to ascertain or plot and control the course or position of (a ship, aircraft, patient, etc.).

Getting sick in America can sometimes be only half of the problem. Trying to figure out how to access the right care in our convoluted health care system without draining your bank account is a whole other challenge.

Rather than fix the problem, some folks in charge have opted to further complicate things by adding a layer of “navigators.” In a touch of irony, these folks take their name from the sexton-wielding, map-flapping intrepids who helped the likes of Magellan and Captain Cook. Now they’re going to help you figure out how get past Cape Horn without drowning, or at least use a covered provider for your colonoscopy. We’re not sure which one is worse.

That’s why we at KnowThyself have created a simple, personalized, portable, affordable, private health care toolkit just for you. We explain your health future and then load the myriad treatment options available onto the platform so you can access them when you need them. You are going to get the best health care if you know what options are available, and what you want.

Armed with this information, you can work with your doctor, see what’s covered under your insurance plan and make the decisions that are best for you. In short, we think you should be your own health care navigator. It’s the best way to ensure smooth sailing during your health care journey.

We want you to get to know you. We invite you to join our completely private, super secure, totally virtual, alternate health care reality.

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