We at KnowThyself help you control your health by showing you your health future. Given how broken the system is, we have to think about health care differently. And that means talking about who’s got the data and what they’re doing with it.

When it comes to your health issues, you may not realize that insurance companies and your employer already have a good idea of the diseases and conditions that their members or employees are going to develop. Of course they do. How else would they be able to price out the cost of your health insurance?

Here’s how it works.

Employers have some basic information about you, like your sex, age, marital status, education level and where you live. For decades, employers, insurers, brokers and actuarials have been comparing this data against health insurance claims to get an idea of what, on average, gets diagnosed and treated for different groups of patients.

They take these estimates and customize them to the expected health care needs of their employees or group of insureds. For example, if there are a lot of women in a group who are of child-bearing age, then there are odds on how many of those women will get pregnant. Same with men who are married. They track the spouse, and then build the cost for prenatal care and childbirth into the mix for a certain percentage of these individuals.

The total cost of health care will include these types of average estimates as well as for outliers– costs for people who unexpectedly get very sick. All these costs are, put simply, added up and then they’re spread across the employee or member base.


We want to put you on a level playing field with everyone else who’s supposed to be “managing” your health care. If your employer or insurer is making odds-on bets about what’s going to happen to you, we think you should know. Giving you the inside scoop on what everyone else already knows about you is why we’ve created KnowThyself.

We want you to get to know you. We invite you to join our completely private, super secure, totally virtual, alternate health care reality.

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