Your health, a totally unique and individual aspect of your life, is just like the climate, the singular everyday aspect of the life of everyone else on the planet.


We at KnowThyself think big. We take lessons from other industries, from other features in our world. And the thing that climate change and your health have in common is that behaviors today will affect your tomorrow.

Humanity has witnessed the impact of industrialization on the planet. More heat, increased pollution, the rapid consumption of natural resources. It’s enabled an explosion in the world’s population, which creates more heat, increased pollution and the rapid consumption of natural resources.

Hence, the race to Mars.

If you’re a skeptic of global warming (whatever – we don’t judge) or you’re not, one thing is clear: there’s little immediate gratification from making sacrifices for the environment now, because they take so long to manifest. For example, it’s a lot easier to just drive to the grocery store than it is to ride your bike. Re-using aluminum foil is a royal pain and so is carpooling (although a lot of us have gladly forgotten about that this past year!). Yet these small behavioral tweaks add up and can impact the health of the globe in the future.

You know it’s much easier to microwave a burrito than it is to prepare a quinoa salad. Your brain chemistry rewards you more in the short-term for eating a doughnut than it does an apple. And getting up in the morning to get a workout in takes a massive amount of effort. Yet these small behavioral tweaks add up and can impact your health in the future.

The key difference between your health and climate change is that you are the personal beneficiary of your good behavior. One may argue that engaging in healthy behavior is one of the most narcissistic thins you can do. We are fine with that! But remember: part of a healthy lifestyle is engaging in outdoor activity. Make sure you enjoy all the glory that nature has to offer!

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