Should people profit from health care? Is there a way to ensure equitable access to care? Can the government, insurers, hospitals and doctors find a way to work together?

Our team has been pondering these and many other important questions about health care. We don’t have all the answers. But we do have a totally original solution.

We are bringing this groundbreaking approach to health care to an environment with significant inequity in access, quality of care and outcomes. We can’t just “move fast and break things.” In our line of business, cutting corners to get short-term gains literally impacts people’s lives. We have to move fast, but we have to move smart.

We believe the government’s role in health care is to safeguard Americans. We need regulation and oversight to make sure products are safe and that all the constituent players act fairly. Unfortunately, all the constituent players are not acting fairly and the folks who suffer the most are the patients. We can’t expect the government to completely overhaul a $4 trillion industry when it’s already got its hands full trying to rein in health care’s bad actors.

Americans continue to get sicker and costs continue to go up. We don’t have a choice but to embrace brave new ideas. We at KnowThyself wholeheartedly believe that these new ideas must come out of the private sector. Innovation happens under pressure, when a company must prove itself in the market, not to a bunch of academics in an ivory tower boardroom. We’re realists. If society wants to see change in health care, we’ve got to develop products that people will use, that will help them be healthier, and that will reduce costs. That’s what KnowThyself is all about.

Our expectation is that we will prove our concept with our loyal customer base, and then work with governmental agencies to bring it to the public health landscape. Any 35-year-old that wants to understand their future health care issues should have the opportunity, whether they have a generous employer-sponsored health insurance plan or whether they’re on Medicaid. The more the merrier, as far as we’re concerned.

KnowThyself is a consumer product in the health care domain. Its design has been informed by how real people behave, providing information about health care that most people typically don’t see. KnowThyself does not offer medical advice and does not diagnose your health status. Yet we present you with a lot of health-related information. It’s important for you to know that we’ve engaged physicians and health leaders throughout our product’s design and development.

Our product asks private citizens to give us personal data. This requires us to be hyper-responsible and to maintain rock-solid security. It also necessitates that we communicate with you about how we’re going to use this information.

We’re in the business of looking for insights from this data to help you get healthier and save money. We’re going to learn what approaches work for different people and we’re going to share that with our community. We’re going to suggest things to you based on this information. But mostly, we’re going to help you learn about yourself so you can get the health care you want.

Under no circumstances will any data be individually available to the public, via the platform, or sold to a third party. Our brand depends on the trust that you have in us. You can expect a continued dialogue about the boundaries of data sharing from our company, and we will always be available to address your questions and concerns.

We appreciate your interest in our platform and look forward to bringing KnowThyself to you in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or concerns. I am excited for you to join our community so you can get to know you!

Janis Powers, Founder & CEO, KnowThyself