Too much money is spent…

U.S. Health Care Spending

…risking our future…

U.S. Federal Spending

1 of 4 dollars is spent on public health care and the number is growing. Only 1 in 50 dollars is spent on education.

…worsening our health…

U.S. Obesity Rate

Over 40% of adults are obese, about a 40% increase over 20 years.

…making insurance companies richer.

Private Health Insurance

Who’s going to fix the problem?

The government can’t do it.

The U.S. is too big and too diverse for a government take-over, and Americans have rejected the idea of a single-payer system.

Corporate America and Big Tech can’t do it.

The Amazon/JP Morgan/Berkshire Hathaway health care initiative Haven was shut down, demonstrating how hard it is to change health insurance.

Hospitals have lost their way.

Big hospital systems are partnering with Google and Microsoft to mine and sell the data in their systems – which is our data – so they can make a profit. Aren’t they supposed to be looking after us?!

Every one of us is unique.

We believe the only way the American health care system can work is if each of us demands the individualized health care experience that we deserve.

That’s why we’re taking a bottoms-up, grass-roots view of the world. We’re going person-to-person, gathering like-minded people to join our community.

We are creating a totally private health care collective where our members access exclusive predictions, data and products curated just for us.