Meet Our Team

Janis Powers
Janis PowersCEO & Founder
Dan Ma

World-Class Advisors Guiding Our Company

Nicole Latimer
Nicole LatimerCEO, Medrio
Master of Scaling & Selling Health IT Businesses
Chris Moose
Chris MoosePartner, IBM
Big Tech Partnership Catalyst
Eric Weaver
Eric WeaverExec. Dir., ACLC
Health Policy and Payment Guru
Cynthia Kinnas
Cynthia KinnasFounder, ClinicalOne
Entrepreneur and Clinical Operations Expert
Brad Weatherly
Brad WeatherlyEVP, Sapience Analytics
Technology Relationship Connector

Out-of-the-box thinkers on a mission to make health care better.

Quotes from Janis Powers’s Amazon bestseller, the book that started it all:

  • “Health insurance will soon be obsolete.”
  • “A longitudinal perspective on health is critical to improving outcomes and saving money.”
  • “The private sector, not the government, must drive health care innovation.”
  • “All Americans must brace for rationing in health care spending.”

“Candid, unshackled perspectives on the American health care system.”

Some of the most popular episodes from our Founder’s podcast:

Why are we doing this? Health care in America needs a re-boot.

Too much money is spent…

U.S. Health Care Spending

…risking our future…

U.S. Federal Spending

1 of 4 dollars is spent on public health care and the number is growing. Only 1 in 50 dollars is spent on education.

…worsening our health…

U.S. Obesity Rate

Over 40% of adults are obese, about a 40% increase over 20 years.

…making insurance companies richer.

Private Health Insurance

We’re committed to putting you in control of your health care!