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Janis Powers, Founder of KnowThyself

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There are over 330 million Americans. We’re all over the map (literally) when it comes to race, religion, values…there’s no way even the best, most well-intentioned doctors can understand the needs of each and every one of us.

There is good news! KnowThyself is easy and fun to use. Once you complete our survey, you’ve got a lifetime membership with access to finding out what you need, when you want to know. We’re like a second opinion before anything’s even happened!


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You complete our private, online survey. We combine your data with decades of research and clinical insights to show you treatment options for typical interactions you’ll have with the health care system.

Learn about test accuracy, false positives and side effects. Make the most of your time with your doctor by learning more about what’s right for you before you step into the office!


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