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Discover health issues you may develop and what treatment options will be recommended.

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We map your health status and preferences to treatments so you avoid unnecessary, costly care.

“The KnowThyself community is eliminating $1 trillion in needless, costly and potentially harmful health care over-use.”

Janis Powers, Founder of KnowThyself

How does it work?

You complete our private, easy-to-use questionnaire. We combine your data with decades of research and clinical insights to identify typical interactions you’ll have with the health care system for preventive care and for the treatment of health issues.

Then the magic begins!

We’ll flag typical recommendations for treatment that may not be needed for you based on your background and preferences.


We’re “over” health care.

Americans use more prescription medications and have more preventive tests and surgeries per capita than most other countries in the world. Insurance companies cover these services because they can justify charging everyone more for premiums. Doctors prescribe these things because they get paid to do so.

We’re over the over-utilization, over-spending and over-use! Try KnowThyself and make sure you only use the health care you need and want!


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