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Own your future with curated predictions and guidance.

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Predictions of Your Health Outcomes.

We consider your lifestyle, family history and health metrics to generate proprietary predictions of diseases and conditions you might develop.

Action-Oriented Recommendations.

We explain why we’ve identified the predictions, show you what you can and cannot control, and offer an array of resources to positively impact your future.

Automated Health Briefing.

Each year, you’ll get your Health Briefing – an automated, doctor-less health summary that shows your trends and compares you to members in the community.

“Everyone else is trying to manage your health.

We’re giving you the tools so you can do it.”

Janis Powers, Founder of KnowThyself

Why Should You Care?

Because everyone else already knows what we want to tell you.

By everyone, we mean the folks offering insurance coverage. They make estimates about you based on their charts and tables and data. They’ve got decades of information and have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen to you.

From their perspective, the less you know, the better.

We couldn’t agree less. We think you should have this information, which is why we’ve created KnowThyself!

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How Does It Work?

KnowThyself has 5 sections and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

On the Job: Activities that describe your job and commute

Work It Out: Exercise regimen and athletic history

History Repeats Itself: Family history, genetics and your diagnoses

You Are What You Eat: Insights into your caloric intake and diet

Better Life Thru Chemistry: Medications, vaccinations and other chemical influencers


What Do You Get?

Predictions of Your Health Outcomes for the next decade and beyond.

Factors Driving Our Predictions showing what you can and cannot control.

Action-Oriented Recommendations to prevent future health issues.

Five Categories of Options so you make the choices that work for you.

Peace of Mind because you understand how your today impacts your tomorrow.

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We’ll try to read your mind!

Let us equip you with the data you need to make the most informed health care decisions.

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Our Commitment to You

Health care is personal. We get it. That’s why KnowThyself is completely private and galactically secure.

We’re not doing workarounds to get your medical record, or scraping social media so we can make assumptions about you. We’re just going to ask you.

Do you have pre-existing conditions? We don’t care! We’re not selling your data or “cherry-picking” people to upsell them on things they don’t need.

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