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Predictions of Your Health Outcomes.

We consider a variety of factors to make practical estimations about what you may develop over the next 5 to 10 years.

Understanding the Cost of Care.

Use our interactive tools to see costs for the entire course of treatment so you’ll understand if and when you’ll get a bill.

Strategies to Save Money.

Lower your health care spending by improving your health, avoiding unnecessary care and using your insurance to your advantage.

“We believe you’ll get better health care if you know how much it’s going to cost.”

Janis Powers, Founder of KnowThyself

Practical predictions, not precision medicine.

Our predictions are practical expectations of what will likely happen to you in the coming 5 to 10 years. Why? Because the factor that influences your outcomes the most, behavior, changes every year.

We’re not trying to estimate with 85.3456% certainty that you’ll get Alzheimer’s by the time you’re 85. (We hope that doesn’t happen.) Instead, we consider minor health issues that may arise, and apprise you of changes coming simply due to advances in age.

These are the health issues that you’ll have to fund out-of-pocket in order to satisfy your deductible. We give you a multi-year perspective so you can know what to expect and plan for the future you want.

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How Does It Work?

Unlike the traditional health care system, which works on a 12-month timetable where you switch insurers throughout your life, KnowThyself is portable. We operate completely outside the health care system.

That means year-over-year we work with you to re-run your health predictions, update your financial goals and refine your cost-saving strategies. Everything we do is personalized and private, the way health care should be.

It all starts with our Health Assessment! KnowThyself takes about 20 minutes to complete, with 5 different sections.


What Do You Get?

Predictions of Your Health Outcomes for the next 5 to 10 years.

Health Tips to pursue to help prevent or forestall predicted outcomes, saving you money.

Coming Soon! Cost Summary of the predicted outcomes so you’ll have an idea about expected financial responsibility.

Coming Soon! Navigation Tools and Spending Strategies enabling you to get what you want out of the health care system.

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Our Commitment to You

The best predictive algorithms will fail if the source data is inaccurate or incomplete. That’s tech-speak for “we can’t do this without you.”

We’ve designed our system so you are in control of the inputs we use to predict your outcomes. We’re trusting you to give us reliable information.

The more honest you are, the more robust your predictions will be, and the more satisfied you’ll feel with KnowThyself.

It is in our best interest to keep your information as secure and private as possible. We are in this together!

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