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How health care should be.


Automated Annual Physical.

No office visit. No telemedicine. Complete our health assessment and upload vitals yearly to track progress.

Short-Term Health Predictions.

Learn about health issues you may develop so you know what to expect and how to navigate treatment options.

“What-If?” Gamification Tools.

See how embracing prevention tactics and proactively managing your care can change your future self.

“Go to a doctor when you’re sick. Do everything else with KnowThyself.

Janis Powers, Founder of KnowThyself

Modernizing the health care experience.

The key to improving health care is prevention. It’s essential to get a health check each year so you can monitor your progress and spot health issues early. Yet the cornerstone of prevention – the annual physical – needs a massive re-boot.

We are a private health data community that is changing how people think about their health care. You complete our automated physical, and then get access to a trove of personalized information about health predictions and prevention. All of this is conducted completely outside the health care system, empowering you with information to make the choices that work for you.


How does it work?

It all starts with our physician-reviewed health assessment, designed with minimal clinical jargon and tons of fun graphics. KnowThyself takes about 20 minutes to complete, with 5 different sections.

In parallel, complete an at-home blood test and upload your vitals to enhance your data set. You can also upload your own labwork.

Then…the magic starts! See your health future, find out how to improve it, learn how to treat it, compare yourself to others in our exclusive community and so much more!


Don’t wait for a diagnosis.

Health care would be better if we, the health care consumer, had the information we need to make more informed decisions.

There’s a lot to know. That’s why we don’t wait for a diagnosis to take action. As far as we’re concerned, by the time something’s happened, it’s too late for you to get out in front of the process and manage your health and your money.


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